Thursday, 23 July 2015

Review: The Good Life Eatery

Over the summer so far I have compiled a list of cafes and restaurants that I want to try, many of which were those mentioned in other blogs, and quite a few of which are veggie/vegan. I'm neither and don't plan to be - I'm omnivorous (am I the only one that thinks of dinosaurs when someone says that?) but I love all the weird foods that vegans eat like walnut pancakes and oat milk so I really enjoy going to vegan places as well as normal ones.

The next place on my list after the Breakfast Club was the Good Life Eatery near Sloane Square, so I went with my friend and her sister. It's not totally veggie or vegan although it does cater for both diets, and the menu is quite flexible - ie there are lots of optional "protein add-ons" like tofu, chicken, etc.

I couldn't decide what to have because everything sounded equally delicious, so I just went for the Goodness Bowl which was basically several tasters of each of their mains thrown together in a bowl.
Also I think Niomi Smart wrote about that dish on her blog, and so I'd already seen pictures of it and thought it looked amazing although it was the most expensive thing on the menu (oops) .

It was literally amazing and definitely worth the money I thought.
I can't remember my opinion on each and every bit but I do remember that my favourite part by far was the Zuchinni Fettuccini (fancy name for strips of courgette with pesto). It seriously tasted like pesto pasta, only less sloppy and I'm guessing a lot healthier. If you're still not convinced, bear in mind I was the most sceptical about this whole courgetti spaghetti thing, because I'm not the biggest fan of courgettes, and pretending they are pasta? Really...?
So I guess now I know a) that I need to be more open minded and b) what I'm getting if I go back.

I didn't get anything to drink because, although the smoothies and mylks (whatever those are) all sounded interesting, I have never seen anywhere charge that much for a takeaway bottle of juice. £6.55 for essentially a chunk of squished watermelon and mint? You can buy a full size pizza for that (even though it would probably be really crappy). If I suddenly become a millionaire I'll pick up a few and tell you if they're worth the money, but until then I'm fine with my tap water.


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