Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Photography | The Southbank, London

A few weeks ago my friends and I headed to the Southbank for a day out. However, after eating lunch, we couldn't agree on something to do there - the art exhibitions on looked amazing but expensive, and since only two of the four of us were keen, we just ended up wandering around under the pier by the riverbank (sort of like a beach) and taking photos.

I recently purchased the Canon f2.8 60mm macro lens and have been very excited to test it out. I am a complete beginner with macro photography but I love it and have been taking every opportunity I get to take a few test shots.

I was quite happy with the photos I took that day after tweaking them on Photoshop (which I also love using, although I barely know how to do anything on it except changing contrast and brightness).

Sorry if these close-ups are gross (they are) but I guess all macro photography can be a bit gross because we're not used to seeing things that close up. That is, unless you're taking pictures of flowers, but seriously? That's so original and interesting... not.

an area of decay on the wall;

interlinking fibres of moss;

streaks of salty weed;

and finally~
the water droplets on this one were quite pretty I thought.